6 Months Free Superfast Hosting

We know website hosting isn't the sexiest of subjects, but please stick with us as this offer could save you a lot of money, time, hassle and may even improve your websites' performance!

We're offering 6 months of hosting absolutely free with all of our website builds. Not only does this save you a substantial amount of money, our superior hosting also gives you the following:

Free SSL

Our hosting packages come with a free SSL certificate, so your site is secure and encrypted. This is important as it provides peace of mind to users of your site and Google will look more favourably to your site in search rankings (over sites that don't have an SSL Certificate).

Daily Backups

Every website that's hosted with us is backed up to a cloud database daily automatically. So there's no need to worry if there are any issues with your website, we can just restore it to the last working version in a few minutes.

Hacker Free Security

You shouldn't have to worry whether your site is secure, but you'd be surprised how many times site's are compromised. We’ll keep your sites safe and secure. And if they do get hacked, we’ll clean ‘em up for free for no extra charge!

Lightning Fast Support

Have an issue with your website? We’ve got you covered, only humans - no bots here! If there are any issues we can get your site back up and running within minutes!

Blazing Fast Site Speed

How fast your website loads is a big deal! Anything over 5 seconds and you could be losing valuable customers. All of our websites are hosted on nginx web servers backed by the Google Cloud Platform, with a free content delivery network, hosted in your country of origin and an in-built cache!

Sorry, we got a bit technical there, all you need to know is that this equates to blazing fast website load time!

Take us up on the offer ...

What do you have to lose? You could save a substantial amount of money and have a superior product. This offer is limited availability, please contact us using the form below to get started!