Facebook Retargeting

5 Reasons You Should Be Using Facebook Retargeting

We all want our customers to convert on the first visit to our website right? That's the dream, however, it's not the reality. Over 95% of customers don't convert on their first visit to your website. Retargeting is a fantastic way of bringing those customers back to your website for a second, third or even fourth time, moving them down the sales funnel and increasing the likelihood of them converting.

Here are 5 reasons you should be using Facebook retargeting:

From warm to red hot!

If a potential customer has already visited your website, you can make an assumption that they have an interest in what you are selling. As mentioned previously, it's highly unlikely that a someone will buy make a purchasing decision on the first visit. However by using Facebook retargeting you are keeping your brand in the focus of the potential customer, turning that lukewarm customer into a red hot one!

Re-engage users who abandon cart

Did you know the average abandon cart rate is a sickening 70%? Retargeting is a great way of gently nudging customers to complete their purchase of a particular product.

Increase your social media following

Looking to increase your following on Facebook? Maybe someone has visited your website but doesn't like you on Facebook. You can use Facebook retargeting to like you on Facebook, which also means you will show up organically in their news feed (for FREE).

Target previous customers

It's often a lot cheaper to convert previous customers than prospecting new ones. If a customer has previously purchased a product or service from you in the past, you can utilise their email address to target advertising in Facebook.

Promote an event

Have an upcoming event you want people to attend? By using Facebook retargeting, you can bring users back to the Facebook event and increase the likelihood of them hitting the "Going" button.

So there you have it, 5 reasons to use Facebook retargeting! A fantastic tool to re-engage customers and bring them back into the sales funnel!

Looking to use Facebook retargeting but not sure where to begin? Contact us today and we can help you create some spectacularly engaging advertising that generates results!